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  • Will the information I learn in the course material be the same as learning in person?
    You've got it! We've compiled YEARS worth of knowledge into a one stop shop for any stylist to gain the skills to be able to effectively perform Hair Weft Extensions. We know that digital certification can never replace in-person hands on training, which is exactly why we have come up with our basic Dream Weaver Membership package. It's got everything you need and more to feel like you're learning like a pro. We've got you!
  • How does this course differ from other online courses available?
    Such a good question! For starters, unlike other courses, we decided to make this course available to our students for an entire year with the option of renewing. Have you ever attended a course, did the hands on part, then your first client gets in your chair and your mind goes blank? Now imagine education available to you whenever you need to access it. You can watch the lessons over and over again until you feel 100% confident with your technique & application. We believe in you, and we're here to help along the way.
  • What is two-tier Certification?
    The certification for NDW is awarded with two tiers. The first tier is when the student completes all of the training modules and submits photos of their final applications after practicing on a mannequin head. The goal here is to determine if the student has acquired the skills to then proceed to practicing on a live model. The second tier is when the student has successfully completed a full application, on a real model. The student is required to submit photos or videos of the final placement. Once these have been reviewed a confirmation email will be sent and the certificate will be sent in the mail.
  • How do I gain extension clients?
    There is no right or wrong way to start building your clientele! Whether you choose to promote this exciting new service to your existing clientele, or go big with external marketing… The sky's the limit! In Module 7, we discuss strategies on how to attract your dream clients and begin your career in Hand Threaded Weft Extensions, that way you can hit the ground running once you complete your certification!
  • What are weft extensions and how are they different from other methods?
    Weft extensions are long wefts of hair that are strategically sewn onto a track of the client's hair made out of silicone lined micro-beads. This method is damage free to the clients hair as the hair is cushioned by silicone lined beads. Unlike other methods that use adhesive, glue and tape on the clients hair and can cause residual adhesives that get stuck to the hair shafts and can cause damage.
  • I'm not a Canadian Hairstylist, can I still take this course?
    Absolutely you can. We welcome all licensed Hairstylists from around the world. Thank you so much for being here and supporting us.
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